RoofTop Storytelling Experience

April 5 – 7, 2019


LEAD Fearlessly, CONNECT deeply and CHANGE THE GAME!

RoofTop Storytelling Experience

April 5 – 7, 2019

River Ranch, Florida


When the stakes are high, and you need to move people… OWN your story, OWN the room, and OWN YOUR LIFE!

Here is what you will learn:

How to find your most powerful story

How long has your story been burning inside of you? How many lives could be changed if only you shared it? Your personal story is your greatest leadership asset. At the Rooftop Storytelling Experience you are going to find and tell the story that has the greatest impact. When it happens, it’s a game changer.

How to craft an organizational story people can’t say no to

Humans have been telling stories for over 100,000 years. Learn how to tap into the primal storytelling skills that will connect you deeply to your clients and hold your audience in the palm of your hand.

How to own the room

Either you own the room… or the room owns you. Leadership is all about being the most relevant person in the room. High Stakes Storytelling makes you relatable to clients from all walks of life and draws them into your story and your message.

How to prepare to take the mic

Storytelling is a leadership muscle that requires deep work, and even deeper preparation. You’ll learn Scott’s secrets for overcoming stage fright, showing up with powerful confidence, and connection to your story and your audience.

Here is what you will get:

World Class Story Expertise

Scott developed his story skills as a Green Beret in the most dangerous places on earth, like Afghanistan. He also studied with some of the best storytellers in the world to include Bo Eason, Steve Pressfield, and Stu Diamon. Scott brings this cutting-edge story craft right to where you are sitting… and slams it into your journey, to weave your story so that it hits people right in the chest cavity.

Digital Detox

Most people are so tied to the rat race; their cortisol and stress levels are through the roof. This makes it hard to find your story, and even harder to make important human connections. A couple days at this beautiful dude ranch will get you off grid, back to your nature, and tied deeply to your story! BTW… your food is included in the tuition!

Deep Work and Big Reps

Storytelling is a skill that requires hard work and focus. You’ll find yourself fully immersed in a high-performance environment and exposed to a process that develops your love for practice and accelerate your story skills 10x.

Fire and Stage

Primal storytelling is all about fire and human connection. Master this skill around a fire pit and you can own any room!

Tips and Tools

Best practices are what give you an edge in storytelling. You’ll learn to build a toolkit for developing, preparing, and performing your story at a world-class level.

Total Investment: $1,297.00



We do not accept cancellations or issue refunds beginning 10 days after attendee has registered for the power event