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Rooftop Leadership Mastery is here, and I want you to take the journey with me.

You know there is more for your life don’t you? You should be playing a bigger game, having deeper impact. You want to reach more people, to be remembered…to ‘Leave Tracks’, as my Dad Rex says. You feel it in your bones, right?

You look around at the so-called leaders today, and it becomes even more apparent that you are meant to do more. But how?

People are disconnected; no one seems to trust anyone else; and there is such reluctance for people to take action. You are running so hard in the day-to-day just to put food on the table, and keep your head above water. You barely have time to go to the bathroom, much less dive into the deep work necessary to play a bigger game. You also know that right now it’s tough to invest in a workshop or personal coaching sessions.

As a Husband, Father of three Sons, real estate investor, and Green Beret, I know what it’s like to live on a budget. What if I told you that I’ve created a Rooftop Training Program and Community where you can still live your life in the daily grind, but amplify your Rooftop skill set in the process?

What if I offered you a simple, affordable way to get out of the bleachers and into the ARENA? What if you could study with me, and an amazing community of Rooftop Leaders in real time, in the pace of your own day, and at a price point that lets you still meet all your financial obligations? Would you do it?

It’s time to decide. Rooftop Leadership Mastery is here, and I want you to take the journey with me.

Here’s the deal. It’s not for everyone. These are the requirements to work with me and be a Rooftop Leader:

  1. Be willing to serve a purpose bigger than yourself
  2. You must value the power of human connections
  3. Be willing to grow and learn new skills
  4. You must be willing to support your Rooftop Team Mates
  5. Do the work and show your work (in other words, contribute to the Rooftop Community)

It’s time to decide. Stay in the Bleachers? Or join me in the Arena?

How we work together

Monthly Rooftop Live Coaching Call

Once a month you will join me and your Rooftop Team on a live video call as I address topics to guide you in your training and answer some of the questions you may have in your daily life.

Admission into the “Rooftop Team Room”

The Team Room is the “Secret Sauce.” Here is where all of the Rooftop Leaders gather and post in a true “Mastermind Format”. You share your challenges, ideas, skillsets. I post live several times a week and answer questions posted to the group. Together as a team we guide each other to the skillsets and learning that carry us through the deep work. And we become a “Family” in the process. You won’t find this kind of unity in any other online membership.

Enrollment into "Rooftop University"

The Rooftop U is a resource that is a collection of articles and videos from me and the mentors that I go to when I want to expand my knowledge and skillsets. We collect and store the information here for reference as you search the archives for ideas and knowledge on your own timeline. Also housed in the Rooftop University are the archives of the coaching calls so that you may re-visit them as needed for reference and continued learning.

Exclusive Discounts

Mastery is a path. I put out tons of relevant content and hold some powerful events. Members of my tribe receive discounts for future coaching events such as the Rooftop Leadership Mastery event in 2019 or the Spartans Rising Men’s events.

Here’s What You’ll Learn


Gain a better understanding of how 200,000 years of tribal behavior – involving trust and conflict – affects your potential clients, your team, and everyone else in your life – and how no one else paying attention to it is your greatest opportunity to excel. this is an unfair advantage.


Few people know how to do this, how to attract more clients into your “tribe” and take your most important relationships from ‘stuck’ to ‘fiercely loyal.’


The market is crowded, huh? Learn how to turn your powerful, primal human instinct into deep interpersonal skills that make you stand out authentically in a sea of “selfies”, and lead people who can’t get out of their own way. Own the room!


No one wins alone. Team is everything. Learn strategies for turning your business or nonprofit into an elite team. I teach these team building best practices to Fortune 100 companies.


If you want to own the room, you must own your own life. Tap into your life’s higher purpose to share your birthright of high impact in the world so that others live into your vision and follow you to the rooftop.

This program is for Rooftop Leaders only.

To get started, we want to make sure the fit is right for you and us to work together.

Your first month admission into the Rooftop Mastery Program is one dollar. We want to get you into the program and make sure this is right for you and the team. After one month, the program is billed monthly at $49.95. That’s eating out one night a month for content, training, and teamwork that will change your life.

Decide. Click the link below, sign up using our secure Paypal payment system and let’s get to work!

I’ll see you on the Rooftop…