Lead from the Rooftop

If you want people to follow you, buy from you, and believe in you... you need to lead from the rooftop.


Learn the same powerful method Scott developed as a Green Beret to find your vision for a better life and business, and inspire others to help you build it. Join a growing tribe of leaders from all disciplines and walks of life who are bound by one common idea…becoming better LEADERS for our families, businesses, communities, and nation.

Have you noticed things changing around you? Does it seem harder to sell to new customers? Do you find yourself fighting to be noticed in a ‘sea full of selfies?’ Does it seem like a walk down the street has the potential for conflict? Do you feel like you should be playing a bigger game, but you just don’t know how?

How in the world can you thrive in life or business when trust is eroding right under your feet like sand slipping out of a broken hour glass?! The good news is you can, but you have to change how you lead!

You have to lead from the ROOFTOP!

Scott Mann can train you on the same old-school, inter-personal communication and dynamic leadership skills that he’s perfected in some of the most skeptical and rough places on earth. And guess what…if they work in those rough places where Scott worked, they’ll work even better in your business, community, and home.

If you want a competitive edge in how you lead in this trust-depleted world, you need to climb up to the Rooftop with Scott and get started leaving the tracks you were put on this earth to leave.


Contact Scott today to learn how you can lead from the rooftop!