Welcome to my Tribe!

Thank you for joining our Rooftop Leadership Mastery Community.

Thank you! You probably hear it all the time, but I mean it…Thank You!

Thank you for trusting your leadership journey to me. Thank you for trusting your pain points and higher purpose to the Rooftop Leadership Program.

I know how busy you are. I know how tough it can be to meet financial obligations. I don’t take this honor lightly and I know you are going to see a return on this investment.

But, know this…the return comes from the impact you make in this world, the tracks you leave. Everything else is secondary. That’s at the heart of Rooftop Leadership. Service. Playing a bigger game. Doing what you were put here on this earth to do.

I also want to congratulate you on a decision that so many people fail to ever make. The decision to fulfill on your birthright to build something bigger than you. You’ve come to the right place to do that, and you’ve joined the right tribe.

Let’s get started! I’ll see you on the Rooftop…and that’ll be real soon.

De Oppresso Liber,



Scott Mann

P.S. Jamie Dunn is your concierge for entry into the Rooftop Leadership Mastery tribe. She’ll be reaching out to you in the next two business days to make sure you have what you need to get started and to keep moving.

LTC (Ret.) Scott Mann
Green Beret
Warrior Storyteller & Strategic Connection Coach

Our Rooftop Leadership Concierge will be contacting you shortly. In the meantime, here are some resources we think you will enjoy:

Rooftop Rally Point: Don’t Quit

https://youtu.be/xHBGASZTrkk I made lots of mistakes as an army officer in Special Forces.  Lots of things I could have done better, but one of the things I did learn was never to quit. Because of the training that you go through in Special Forces and all the...

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Be Straight with People

https://youtu.be/FBXqD1hRyW4 As a rooftop leader, there's going to be times when you have to do things that are not pleasant. You're going to have to do things with your coworkers that involve you standing up for things. With your associates and your employees where...

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Leadership is Forever

https://youtu.be/nchzlunUKsY As I look at my life, six years after retirement from the military, after 23 years, I am coming to see more and more that leadership is forever, that is, real leadership.  Rooftop leadership is forever and that's why I chose this...

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The Opposite of Fear

https://youtu.be/gUIUP5q992c The opposite of fear, is love. The greatest counter poised to fear the ancients believed is love, the love of the individual warrior for his brothers in arms.  At Thermopylae, on the final morning when the last surviving Spartans knew...

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Every Breath is Precious

https://youtu.be/SbrEcMqoOko The thing that I learned that I want to talk about today as we go into Memorial Day is that “Every Breath is Precious”. Every breath we take in, every breath we let out is precious because our time on this earth is limited and we don't...

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Creating a Movement

https://youtu.be/g3BGumudkjo A movement is where people take action, in a collective way, that they otherwise wouldn't take in the face of high stakes, high risk, ambiguity and complexity. Yet they take a stand, shoulder to shoulder, and achieve a tipping point that...

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