Spartans Rising Men’s Leadership Experience

September 28 – 30, 2018


LEAD Fearlessly, CONNECT deeply and CHANGE THE GAME!




Your greatest impact comes from your ability to
LEAD Fearlessly, CONNECT deeply and CHANGE THE GAME!

From working with tribes in dusty Afghan villages to advising high impact entrepreneurs. Scott Mann brings energy, passion and unique inter-personal skills to a complex world, that will have you thinking and thriving like a green beret, while traditional thinkers continue to fall behind the power curve.

Here is what you will learn:


How to use what most people ignore

Gain a better understanding of how 200,000 years of tribal behavior – involving trust and conflict – affects your potential clients, your team, and everyone else in your life – and how no one else paying attention to it is your greatest opportunity to excel.

Life or Death Connection skills

How to attract more clients into your “tribe” and take your most important relationships from ‘stuck’ to ‘fiercely loyal.’

How to be seen

How to turn your powerful, primal human instinct into deep interpersonal skills that make you stand out authentically in a sea of “selfies”, and lead people who can’t get out of their own way.

Build your own ‘A-Team’

Strategies for turning your business into an elite team.

Leave tracks

Tap into your life’s higher purpose to share your birthright of high impact in the world so that others live into your vision and follow you to the rooftop.

Here is what you will get:


Training like nothing you’ve ever had

Access to exclusive human connection and leadership content typically reserved only for elite forces, who must make real-world human connections in five minutes or less or they’re dead


Two days of training in the Florida backwoods within a Spartan training regimen focused entirely on YOU, in a small-group setting to reconnect to the elite leader you were born to be.

A BFF (Big Friggin’ Fire)

One-on-one time with Scott and other surprise guests as we uncover your inner warrior around the fire pit, develop your story, and go deep into your inter-personal skills training.

A chance to unplug

Rustic and tranquil outdoor training environment where the hustle, bustle, tweets, and text of the rat race are not allowed.

Everything covered

All-inclusive retreat-style workshop in our Rooftop Base Camp in Florida.

Total Investment: $1,297.00



We do not accept cancellations or issue refunds beginning 10 days after attendee has registered for the power event