Teach your team to lead from the Rooftop

If you want people to follow you, buy from you, and believe in you... you need to lead from the rooftop.



As a speaker, trainer and author, Scott remains on a mission to teach companies the same “game-changing” strategies he applied in combat. He is committed to helping your team learn, develop, and instill the same powerful skills he has trained over 15,000 Navy Seals, Green Berets, FBI agents, diplomats and law enforcement officers.

As a speaker, trainer and author, Scott is committed to helping your team learn, develop and instill:

  • The fire in your belly to chase your dream, overcome the struggles that life will surely throw at you and your team, and to play a bigger game in life, work, and play!
  • A deeper understanding of the potential for conflict that may exist below the surface, or water line, of your business and why the solution to getting ahead of it is driven by forming stronger relationships at all organizational levels.
  • The interpersonal skills and communication tools needed to build and/or strengthen internal (employee) and external (customer or client) connections, ultimately turning vulnerabilities into opportunities.
  • Leadership principles and techniques for driving individual and organizational performance to the next level so that everyone is leading and “leaving tracks” that will help build a legacy of contribution and impact.
  • Strategies for creating a trusting, resilient and stable workplace that is more nimble, more efficient and more effective.

Contact us to book Scott at your next event. Scott can tailor his speech to fit specific leadership and teamwork goals of your organization.