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Rooftop Rally Point – SLLS: Being Present in the Chaos

https://youtu.be/D4-pCcQO_Gg The title of this episode is SLLS: Being Present in the Chaos. The acronym stands for: Stop, Look, Listen and Smell, because all around us, chaos is going on. When you walk into a restaurant, just notice how people are, they're lost in...

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Decisive Point

https://youtu.be/82p47ZdmKAM We are going to talk about how to use a “Decisive Point” to arrive at a solution for a complex problem. Now, in the last Vlog you heard me talk about “Unity of Effort”. It's taking all of the different participants in your organization,...

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Battlefield to Boardroom: Unity of Effort

https://youtu.be/bxLoCuwvtcE One of the lessons that I talk about a lot in corporate America and in organizations from nonprofits to small businesses is this notion of what we call “Unity of effort”, in the military world. “Unity of Effort”, this timeless principle of...

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