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Shared Experience When Building a Team

https://youtu.be/ORnlV_pg0w8 Shared Experience When Building a Team As Green Berets building solid teams, we knew that the next best thing to shared struggle is shared experience. As humans, remember, we're the most social creatures on the planet, so we're always...

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Soft Skills in Hard Places

https://youtu.be/maHkO6qrDJA Many leaders believe that "soft" skills, like active listening, narrative competence, interpersonal presence, they think that those skills, because they're called "soft skills", are secondary to the "hard skills", or that they convey a...

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First Report is Always Wrong

https://youtu.be/lNz1XJp6pG4 It was a big lesson for me as a leader to see that in high stakes, no fail situations, the initial reports that often come in are wrong or at least inaccurate, or at least not fully baked. And that's just human nature. We all go...

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Rooftop Rally Point: Don’t Quit

https://youtu.be/xHBGASZTrkk I made lots of mistakes as an army officer in Special Forces.  Lots of things I could have done better, but one of the things I did learn was never to quit. Because of the training that you go through in Special Forces and all the...

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Be Straight with People

https://youtu.be/FBXqD1hRyW4 As a rooftop leader, there's going to be times when you have to do things that are not pleasant. You're going to have to do things with your coworkers that involve you standing up for things. With your associates and your employees where...

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Leadership is Forever

https://youtu.be/nchzlunUKsY As I look at my life, six years after retirement from the military, after 23 years, I am coming to see more and more that leadership is forever, that is, real leadership.  Rooftop leadership is forever and that's why I chose this...

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