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Gifting Your Story

https://youtu.be/caP6mbJ8wPY     Stories are purposeful. They are designed to serve other people. They are gifts and when you use them as gifts, a certain thing called reciprocity occurs where the audience or the listener of the story is connected or is reminded of...

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Birthing Your Story

https://youtu.be/zzpnrCaeN_Y     Our theme this week, as we go into our second month of narrative competence, is “Birthing your Story”. It is a hard process. It is a challenging task and it comes from within us, and that's why you'll often hear authors and creatives...

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The Hero’s Journey

https://youtu.be/Uu1TikZpCQI     The Hero's Journey is a timeless story, it is one of the oldest forms of story in the world, it is a structure that can really serve you well when you are leading with story. The Hero's Journey framework, was really codified by a guy...

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Essential Elements of Story

https://youtu.be/44l3iUEawHg     So, what is it about story that makes it so powerful? In this month of July, we're focusing on Narrative Competence, Part One. And before I get you on your feet, and start having you develop your story, I want to talk about, "What is...

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Busting The Myths of Story

https://youtu.be/55zITQpxU0Y     I learned storytelling in one of the hardest environments in the world which is tribal society, at-risk, and under-governed, and really on the edges of tribal warfare. That's where I learned storytelling as a Green Beret, to go in and...

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How Story Works

https://youtu.be/TrTSKyslv7g     Kendall Haven calls us “Homo-Narratus”. Storytelling has become an evolutionary tool in our survival and why we sit at the top of the food chain. This is why story is so powerful. It's 100,000 years of hard wiring in every human's...

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