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Creating a Movement

https://youtu.be/g3BGumudkjo A movement is where people take action, in a collective way, that they otherwise wouldn't take in the face of high stakes, high risk, ambiguity and complexity. Yet they take a stand, shoulder to shoulder, and achieve a tipping point that...

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MTWA: Meet Them Where They Are

https://youtu.be/261OuKq5Zpc Humans will not take action unless they feel psychologically safe, and unless they feel connected to the other humans around them. Humans will not take action of any kind, they won't buy from you, they won't invest in you, they won't...

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Mission Decision Line: MDL

https://youtu.be/_KvZHCZelXM The “Mission Decision Line”, or the “MDL”, is the point of no return.  It's a line on the ground, and on your map, it's like a valley, or a linear feature like a road, it's  easily recognizable and it tells everybody from the...

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Practice and Preparation

https://youtu.be/G25ITAo89uU If you want to move people to action it's those soft skills of storytelling, physicality, interpersonal connection, reciprocity, active listening, and negotiating that are the most effective, and you must practice those skillsets. ...

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