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High Stakes Listening

https://youtu.be/1kR2gtx4Kaw     Isn't it interesting that although we know listening is such a powerful thing, we know that biologically it validates us at an identity level and it endears and creates relevance and reciprocity. Yet so few of us do it. It's hard,...

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Lean In

https://youtu.be/DKBuGYMJML8 There are a lot of studies that show your body language, your physicality in an interpersonal engagement, is up to 60% of the human connection. Another 30% is voice tonality and maybe 10% is the actual spoken word. But where do we spend...

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https://youtu.be/pfJlVWFsxs4 Homework Before Leg Work. Our monthly theme this month is ‘Owning the Room’. Achieving a level of relevance so that people follow you, buy from you, invest in you, believe in you. How do you do that? You achieve relevance, you become the...

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Own The Room

https://youtu.be/IRinaen9NfU   Today we will discuss the desire to “Own the Room”. The desire to make powerful connections, so that the people sitting across from you, feel inspired and compelled to follow your lead, to proceed with that transaction. To engage in what...

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Closing The Gaps with Story

https://youtu.be/jg_hnApj9TE   This month we're talking about the power of narrative and the theme this week is closing the gap with storytelling. When you think about your skill as a storyteller, whether you're a business leader, a veteran, a nonprofit leader, or...

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The Art Of Practice

https://youtu.be/z2PwyuX37-E     Whether it’s Army Rangers, Navy Seals or Green Berets, the reality is the same, they train. They have a deeper and better relationship with practice than anyone around them. They are able to get into a state of flow that is similar to...

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