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Personal Ethos

https://youtu.be/QvYS5l-QrzE     Two core questions that every human asks themselves at night when everyone else is asleep, who am I? And why am I here? These are questions that we are seeking answers to our entire life. And I don't know that we ever truly find the...

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Resistance Countermoves

https://youtu.be/m3Zn37Yh_s0     This month our theme is, Know Thyself, so now we're going to start getting clear on what are the countermoves that you can use to overcome resistance. This is what professionals do. Amateurs don't do this. Amateurs just succumb to...

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Personal Superpowers

https://youtu.be/epRQdMpVmDI     How do I define a 'Personal Superpower'? It's those traits and characteristics that you can bring to bear externally that add value to the lives of others. How about that? Did you write that down? Those traits and characteristics that...

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Tracks and Torches

https://youtu.be/dqau3BVFPVY     My dad, Rex Mann has always said, "Leave your tracks in this world." He described tracks as those indelible impressions that we leave in the Earth that serve, not those around us necessarily, as much as they serve those who follow you....

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https://youtu.be/IYvW4uGmR3c     "Whatever, man." How many times have you heard that word, "whatever?" I hear it all the time in just day to day life when I'm interacting with people on the road or on calls. I hear this word, "whatever." I hate the word because it...

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Resistance – In It’s Simplest Form, Is Self Sabotage

https://youtu.be/gMFi6ImSh1s     Now, we've talked about other enemies, we've talked about the erosion of trust, we've talked about distraction through the Guppy Effect. Enemies in this sense, are the enemies that stand between you and the tracks you want to leave in...

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