Making Deep Connections, Restoring Trust, & Leading from the Bottom Up
Mistakes Leaders Make During Crisis

Mistakes Leaders Make During Crisis We all face crisis as leaders, as organizational leaders, certainly. We live in a dangerous world. We may think we're super sophisticated and we've got everything going on, but as we're seeing today with the coronavirus, with 9/11, with...

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Leading Through Fear

Leading Through Fear We need leaders who can lead through fear because the reality is, fear is a normal human function. It kept us alive for hundreds of thousands of years. It is a fight, flight, or freeze thing. It is a primal reality.  Fear motivates...

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Self Sabotage: No One Wants to Hear This

Self Sabotage: No One Wants to Hear This We've talked about things that are too daunting. Overwhelming. We've talked about the “Imposter Syndrome”, talked about being “Too Busy” and now we're talking about, “No One Wants to Hear This”. That's another form of self-sabotage. It's...

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