Take your audience to the Rooftop with timeless Green Beret principles that are now more universally in demand than ever.

Scott isn't just a speaker...he's a storyteller.


You’re in the business of creating events that will leave lasting impressions on everyone in the room. 

I am, too 

I leave audiences with the fire in their belly to chase their dreams, overcome their struggles, and play a bigger game. I leave them with a deeper understanding of the potential for conflict that may exist below the waterline of your industry and why the solution to getting ahead of it is driven by forming stronger human connections at all organizational levels. I’ve spoken to such a broad range of groups that I’m able to connect with and mobilize people across many industries, backgrounds, and platfroms to achieve outcomes they didn’t even think possible. I teach your audience the same game-changing strategies I applied in combat so that in the immediate hours and days following your event, they can turn their vulnerabilities into opportunities.


Client Connections

This talk addresses the 3 main pain points of fear, uncertainty, and social distancing to answer the questions that are keeping your sales professionals up at night


In the dusty villages of Afghanistan, Scott honed a powerful leadership model that created radical change in one of the most hostile environments in the world.


Scott will teach your audience to read the connection challenges of the human terrain with fresh eyes and give them the skills to move people to action.

Bridging Trust

In this talk, Scott will share with your audience practical, time-tested best practices and tactics on managing the most strategic asset a leader has…trust.

Connecting Like Your Life Depends On It

If Green Berets don’t connect in less than five minutes…they’re dead. Scott will help your audience learn to re-prioritize the art and science of human connection in their craft.

Getting Below the Waterline

Scott gets below the surface and shares little-known secrets on the primal realities that will help your audience connect with people like never before.

Life & Death Storytelling

Scott will train your audience on the unique art and science of business storytelling and narrative competence that will enable them to start owning every room they enter.

Relationships Before Transactions

Your audience will leave this powerful talk understanding how to create strong, lasting relationships that are the rocket fuel for future transactions.

High Stakes Engagement Process

Scott will teach your audience the same cutting-edge process that he uses to train Green Berets and FBI to make deep connections in hard environments.

Surrounded on Purpose

Your audience will learn the mindsets and skillsets that Green Berets use to immerse themselves in local challenges in order to become more relatable. 

Meet Them Where They Are

Scott teaches your audience the transformative difference in meeting people where they are…not where you want them to be. 


Leading Through Chaos

Chaos is a hell of a thing and something no one wants to deal with….but it’s a reality of the world that we live in. Scott will help your audience see that while fear is contagious…so is leadership.

Leading Teams in Crisis

Scott’s best practices for leading people through high-stress and uncertainty were forged in the heat of battle and translate directly into the challenging arena your teams are navigating today.

Building Bullet Proof Teams

During challenging moments, great teams are how we thrive while other businesses just survive. Sharing hard-hitting tips from almost three decades of building hundreds of Elite Teams, Scott will show your audience how to build teams that fight for each other.

OVERCOMING the Fear of Change

Change, while often necessary, scares the hell out of people. Tapping into his immense knowledge of human nature and human terrain, Scott will show your audience how to overcome and lead through the fear of change.

Danger Close

Scott learned the hard way – through multiple tours in combat – that you can’t lead others until you learn to lead yourself. In this talk, Scott will help your audience learn how to lead themselves when things fall apart.


The Unreasonable Path to Dreams

It’s easy to lose sight of our dreams in this materialistic, fast-paced world…but Green Beret Scott Mann shows you how to achieve your highest goal – even when everyone else says you can’t.

Leaving Tracks

People follow leaders who are crystal clear on their purpose. This powerful talk will help your audience create a mindset of leaving a legacy of “tracks” that will last long beyond their time on earth and inspire people to follow them.

So You Want to be Elite?

There are so many young people who want to perform at the highest level, yet they don’t have the guidance to get there. This motivating talk will help tomorrow’s athletes, performers, and leaders develop the resolve, grit, and character they need today to go the distance.

THE Generosity of Scars

We’ve all been scuffed up. We’ve all experienced struggle in some form or another. Scott has mastered the process of showing audiences how to leverage struggle into stories that make leaders more relatable to those they serve.

Scott Mann is riveting. When I first met Scott he struck me as a quiet force.  I felt his intensity and respectfulness. When I heard him speak, I was taken by his strength, passion, respect; his ability to tell the story in a way that conveys the danger, intensity, urgency, seriousness of its essence drawing the listener in without making her feel endangered. The more I listen to Scott tell his story the more I feel his commitment to purpose and excellence.

Yonette F. Thomas, PhD

Senior Advisor, The New York Academy of Medicine & The Association of American Geographers


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