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As a speaker, trainer, and author, Scott remains on a mission to teach audiences the same game-changing strategies he applied in combat. The Rooftop Leadership process of getting surrounded on purpose, meeting people where they are, and forming personal connections through storytelling and collaboration are timeless Green Beret principles that are more universally in demand than ever.  

What can I do for your audience? That is THE question, right? 

While big ideas and inspiring stories are nice, you need someone who can deliver value that not only energizes a crowd but makes them say, “I’m taking what that guy up there just said and applying it to my world immediately!”  

You’re in the business of creating events that will leave lasting impressions on everyone in the room. 

I am, too 

I leave audiences with the fire in their belly to chase their dreams, overcome their struggles, and play a bigger game. I leave them with a deeper understanding of the potential for conflict that may exist below the waterline of your industry and why the solution to getting ahead of it is driven by forming stronger human connections at all organizational levels.  I’ve spoken to such a broad range of groups that I’m able to connect with and mobilize people across many industries and backgrounds to achieve outcomes they didn’t even think possible. Your audience will leave with information and techniques that can be applied in the immediate hours and days following your event to turn their vulnerabilities into opportunities.  

My topics range from:

  • Rooftop Leadership: How to Lead When People Don’t Want to Follow

In the dusty villages of Afghanistan, I honed a powerful leadership model that created radical change in one of the most hostile environments in the world. Your audience will join me on the Rooftop and learn what it means to get surrounded on purpose, meet them where they are, and form personal connections through storytelling and collaboration to close trust gaps and overcome in-group and out-group dynamics.

  • Leaving Tracks:  Owning Your Life Through Purpose-Driven Leadership

Humans are the most meaning-seeking creatures on the planet. Low employee-engagement scores across all industries indicate a lack of purpose at the personal and organizational levels. This has a direct impact on performance and productivity. As a Green Beret, I learned to lead in the most dangerous situations from a place of authenticity and purpose, inspired by what my dad calls “leaving tracks.”  Your audience will learn these same purpose-driven leadership principles and techniques for driving individual and organizational performance to the next level so that everyone is “leaving tracks” that will help build a legacy of contribution and impact.

  • The Generosity of Scars: Owning Your Story 

Humans are emotional creatures and stories are the ultimate conductors of emotion…especially stories of struggle. Scott has mastered the process of showing audiences how to leverage struggle into stories that make them relatable to those they serve. The ‘generosity of scars’ is a competitive advantage that will fire people up and move them beyond cumbersome PowerPoint presentations, tech-speak, and dispassionate sales pitches.

  • Surrounded on Purpose:  Owning the Room Through Human Connection

Humans are social creatures. We are wired for connection. In today’s low-trust, high-stakes world, your engagements are critical. Whether it’s a board room or an auditorium, you must own the room. Scott has been training Green Berets for decades on the elite human connection skills that allow them to own every room they enter…by being the most relevant and relatable. Scott can share these same Green Beret insights with your sales associates, relationship managers, and key leaders. Your audience will leave this talk understanding how strong relationships and connections are strategic assets within your organization.


  • Navigating Trust Gaps:  Your Most Strategic Leadership Asset

We have an epic erosion of trust in our country. According to Gallup, more than 2/3 of Americans no longer trust their neighbors. Further, many Americans no longer trust corporate institutions like they used to. Imagine how this impacts your employees when you are trying to inspire them to follow your vision, or how this low-trust obstacle shows up between your operations team and your marketing team. This low-trust dynamic can also make it much harder to move skeptical prospects into the client category. What if you could navigate trust gaps the same way that Green Berets do in rough villages all over the world? What if you could develop a skill for reading the room, identifying trust gaps, and then employing old-school, inter-personal skills to restore, build, and maintain trust inside and outside your organization? In this talk, Scott will share with your audience the practical, time-tested best practices and tactics on how to manage the most strategic asset a leader has, trust.

I’m ready to deliver the goods for your next audience. Let me help put your event on everyone’s shortlist. 


Contact us to book Scott at your next event. Scott can tailor his keynote to fit the specific needs of your audience.

Scott Mann is riveting. When I first met Scott he struck me as a quiet force.  I felt his intensity and respectfulness. When I heard him speak, I was taken by his strength, passion, respect; his ability to tell the story in a way that conveys the danger, intensity, urgency, seriousness of its essence drawing the listener in without making her feel endangered. The more I listen to Scott tell his story the more I feel his commitment to purpose and excellence.

Yonette F. Thomas, PhD

Senior Advisor, The New York Academy of Medicine & The Association of American Geographers


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